Rock Climbing On Vancouver Island

The natural mother has favoured the beautiful Vancouver Island with a temperate climate and a dozen of spectacular terrain structure. With this advantage, tourism itself is the most important element for developing Island economy including fishing, camping, surfing and climbing. Among these activities, climbing is becoming one of the key factors of the tourism industry in this place.

Destination for both professional and unprofessional

Specifically, now Vancouver Island is considered the ideal destination for both professional and unprofessional explores of caves and climbing rock because of its new-fangled geology and established infrastructure. Perhaps is born in order to be climbed and explored due to it is located at ocean being lifted up where consists of a great many porous sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

Vancouver Island

On this small, beautiful Vancouver Island and its neighboring Gulf Islands, there are more than 50 the recognized climbing places. Whether you are a climber at professional or normal level, it can also provide the suitable challenges.

If you are intending to climb up one of the mountains in this place.

It will be very easy for you to find the best locations among more than 245,000 hectares of ancient mountainous terrain at the North Island’s Strathcona Provincial Park where was established in 1911. An typical example in the Golden Hinde is a mountain nearly 2,200 meters in height. If you would like to have an extremely difficult challenge, this will be the best selection because it is the highest mountain in Vancouver Island which is demonstrated.

Besides climbing, you also have opportunities discovering all of caves throughout this Island. On the North Island, you can begin your trip from Galloping Goose Corridor where is near to Victoria to the cliff faces of Mount Wells. It is quite easy for you to determine your selected mountain thanks to the mature road system as well as some numerous communities.

What is more, you have to pay attention that some of them are able to be owned privately or are located in the chosen park. Do not worry, if you are the new climber or visitor of this place due to it is very easy for you to perform your working when the local climbing clubs have ready carved the essential hand holds and routes into climbs.

Before each trip, most of explorers of caving and climbers are advised that do not forget to look for in the internet for checking out the available prestigious websites and maps of the Provincial Government or unprofessional enthusiasts because they will offer the essential detailed information about the top of the locations so that your expedition is more convenient and safer.

Before a wide range of great choices, why do not you perform a careful research? For instance, there are the Horne Lake cave system west in Qualicum Beach and the rocky slabs of the Nomash and Wapiti Valleys in Mount Maxwell on Salts Spring Island. Thanks to all of great things above, Vancouver Island has become an attractive place for both professional and unprofessional rock climbers and cavers all over the world

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